Erin FernandezThe Strand Hair Salon, is located 1/2 a mile from the Manhattan Beach Pier. Erin Fernandez is the proud owner and stylist of the boutique salon. Entering the salon is similar to a breath of fresh air. The classic decor and calming colors allow clients to feel relaxed while they are given the best hair treatment.

Erin stands apart from other stylists, because she continuously ensures you are happy with the direction of the style, color or cut. Her goal is to keep your style current and your heart happy. Salon amenities include, Keurig flavored coffee and a variety of beverages to make your experience enjoyable.

“Many clients just want to leave looking great and they look towards my experience to give their strands the best of what I have,” Said Erin Fernandez, Salon Owner.

Erin, is known for bring the latest trends and products into the salon for her clients to see. Her latest is the Halocouture, which is fun!

To book an appointment is easy, just call Erin at 310-569-3427 or send a text with your request.